Just fucking legalize marijuana already, OK?

Marijuana Legalization

Let’s start with a basic fact: I’ve smoked pot. A lot of people that meet me probably assume I still smoke pot, which isn’t accurate (I mean, there are weddings here and there where things happen, but let’s not get too… Continue Reading

If everyone in America stopped eating beef tomorrow and started eating chicken, it’d be like taking 26 million cars off the road

Check out the chart above, via here. It compares the greenhouse gas emissions linked with the production of beef and chicken. As you can see, chicken is a lot less — in fact, it’s about four times less. If you were… Continue Reading

Why are honeybees important, you might ask? They’re tied to $15 billion in produce every year. Oh, and they invented twerking.

That video above claims that honeybees (or honey bees, whatever you prefer) are essential to the development of mankind. Before you shout “HYPERBOLE!” and return to Facebook-stalking a girl you once brushed up against in college, let’s go through this for a… Continue Reading

Privacy and big data discussions have now extended to the farmers, via Monsanto and John Deere

I considered applying for a job with Monsanto last year in grad school — let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have gotten it because it’s a St. Louis-based ag company and I’m some ridiculous douchebag from New York City — and… Continue Reading


Maybe it’s time to walk back the Thailand rice subsidy

Here was the plan: the government of Thailand would buy rice at a higher-than-market rate — say, 40 to 50 percent — then store it, wait for the global adjustment in demand (because of how much rice Thailand exports), and… Continue Reading