How are cost-cutting measures still a strategy?

Cost-Cutting Measures

Change is hard for those who’ve only thought of the concept of “business” in one way. Continue Reading

Financial metrics: Guys sound like a-holes when discussing, yes?

Financial Metrics

This post includes a fun little game to play in meetings. Continue Reading

Here are the 10 most economically-powerful cities in the world; yes, NYC is No. 1

Methodology here, but this tries to be fairly comprehensive and looks at these elements: Overall economic clout Financial power Global competitiveness Equity and quality of life The study uses those five indicators. Within each indicator, they rank 10 global cities… Continue Reading

Adam McKay (Will Ferrell’s boy) and Brad Pitt are teaming up for a Michael Lewis financial crisis movie. Wait, what?

Remember Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short? It’s about the financial crash — here’s an excerpt — and received, as most Michael Lewis things do, positive reviews. (Insane thing No. 1 about Michael Lewis: how did he bag Tabitha Soren? Insane thing… Continue Reading


The five best-performing stocks of 2013 were … Tesla (check), Netflix (check), Twitter (check), Herbalife (check), and … Best Buy?

The first couple seem to make sense — Tesla could be the future of cars, Netflix is just crushing it in every way, Twitter had an IPO this year, and Herbalife, well, at the very least they drop dime on… Continue Reading

Ever heard of Plains GP Holdings? You should have; it was the largest IPO in 2013

There are roughly 178 million Google hits for “Twitter IPO.” There’s 1.6 million Google News hits right now, and it went public on November 6 — so essentially a month ago. Now, contrast that with Google hits for “Plains GP… Continue Reading