David Lobell and what we’re eating in 20 years

David Lobell

It’s pretty fashionable to rail against the current food production system in the world, but it turns out there are agricultural data scientists out there — guys that work with Google on data sets and get Genius Grants and teach… Continue Reading

If everyone in America stopped eating beef tomorrow and started eating chicken, it’d be like taking 26 million cars off the road

Check out the chart above, via here. It compares the greenhouse gas emissions linked with the production of beef and chicken. As you can see, chicken is a lot less — in fact, it’s about four times less. If you were… Continue Reading


Oh goddamn, Whole Paycheck — er, Whole Foods — is in trouble and may be lowering prices

I had this MBA Strategy class last fall. It was supposed to meet 12-14 times; the professor was sick three times and one time, I’m pretty sure he didn’t show up. So we met about 10 times, and I swear… Continue Reading

Look at this graphic and try not to be worried about drought, the future of food, climate change, California as a whole, and, well, the United States

What am I looking at, you may have just asked. Well, hopefully you realize that’s California pictured above and there are three distinct time periods shown: 1950 (The Great Move West!), 2000 (a little after San Francisco became the new… Continue Reading

Beef is now $5.28/pound, the highest since 1987. Is that going to shift habits over the next decade?

Just in time for the summer grill-out season, beef prices are at their highest point since the late 1980s. And here’s the really good news! Everything that’s produced is being consumed, said Kevin Good, an analyst at CattleFax, a Colorado-based information… Continue Reading

Chipotle has a new TV show on Hulu called Farmed and Dangerous. Wait, what? Chipotle has a TV show?

The series rolls out on Hulu on February 17. But wait, why would a burrito company make an Internet/app TV show? Doesn’t that seem weird? Not entirely. First of all, there’s no product placement in the episodes of the show… Continue Reading


36 million tons of food waste goes to landfills every year (just in the U.S.) That’s about 30-40 percent of all food. Can we do something?

From PBS NewsHour: basically, about 30 percent of the food produced in the United States ends up as waste. 36 million tons goes to landfills, which is bad news for the environment — food waste ultimately converts to methane, which is… Continue Reading

What’s going on at Butterball right now?

I started thinking about Thanksgiving from a turkey perspective today — I’m cooking, for probably about five or so people, and economic times are lean, so I wanted to find myself a steal. That got me thinking about the economics… Continue Reading