RIP, Nicky Joe “Squid” Quinonez (1981-2017)

RIP Squid

Paying tribute. Continue Reading


In praise of #SocialRoadTrip

Social Road Trip

The power of face-to-face. Continue Reading

The power of friends at work

Friends at Work Are Important

At a certain level, once you kind of have “a field” in life — marketing, sales, development, HR, etc. — you can learn most jobs. You might switch industries or whatever, but the core tenets of what you need to do —… Continue Reading


Can you make friends after 30?

Making friends after 30

I just moved a few months ago and I’ve been trying. It’s not that easy. But why? Continue Reading


A completely unscientific look at Ross and Rachel, Danny and Mindy, Jess and Nick and the culture of will-they-or-won’t-they

Yesterday, The Guardian wrote this about The Mindy Project: The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Danny are TV’s last romantic hope. There is no longer any great ‘will-they, won’t-they’ mystery, because they have (kissed on an airplane, which was amazing), and now they will. The final shot… Continue Reading

Is The Big Chill the best ‘friends-reuniting’ movie of all-time?

In a potential low point for me, I watched the above movie — alternatively titled The Wedding Weekend or Shut Up And Sing — on Amazon Prime Video a couple of nights ago. Basic plot is that the guy from Royal Pains on USA Network gets… Continue Reading