In praise of #SocialRoadTrip

Social Road Trip

The power of face-to-face. Continue Reading


Are male friendships harder?

Male friendships

Hard to directly compare, but worth looking at some research. Continue Reading


Take a vacation with your friends/family, you overworked dipshit

Take Time For Vacations

Americans love to think of themselves as busy workaholics — even though, give or take, they do about 590 hours of actual work per year — and as a result, they can’t sacrifice time for vacations; they annually leave about… Continue Reading

Happiness is bullshit. But you can be content. Here’s how.

Happiness vs. Contentment

Probably the worst thing about the end of a calendar year in the social media era is that every site designs one of those “… My Year In Review…” constructs, so you can piece together a bunch of photos/statuses about… Continue Reading


If I’m extroverted, then why am I also scared of people?

If you read this post about my experiences at DFW WordCamp this weekend, and you get down to the middle of it, you might see an admission about how, despite the urging of the event organizers not to do this, I ended… Continue Reading


Wall Theory: Are American relationships more superficial?

Taking a cross-cultural class right now, and one recent discussion was on perceptions of America from two angles — those who have lived in America their whole lives, and those who had come in the last 10 years. It was… Continue Reading

I’m a white male and I have some friends, but I still understand the Salon article

Here it is. Essentially, it claims that the hidden issue for American men is their inability to make lasting friendships (especially white American men, of which I am one). Here’s the essential paragraph (or one of them): To be close friends, men… Continue Reading