Dichotomy: Women have tons of decision-making power at the family level, almost none at the business level

Glass Ceiling Makes No Sense

Here’s The New York Times being “goofy” and comparing the number of companies run by guys named John (just the name John) to the number of companies run by women at all. It’s maybe a little bit awkward at parts, but… Continue Reading

If you think gender relationships to work are changing, uh, look at this chart

Men Vs Women At Work

Back in February, I wrote a post about how men were actually working from home and taking care of kids more than women in some contexts. I’m always dubious of these studies because, while I want to believe them, I also… Continue Reading

Organizations like to describe women as “abrasive”

The gender bias in performance reviews can be pretty ridiculous. Continue Reading

Can you truly slut-shame without knowing what a slut is?

I was at a wedding last November and in the midst of a conversation at the cocktail hour, a woman told me that she used to have a good relationship with her mother-in-law until said MIL “slut-shamed” her daughter. I… Continue Reading

Brief statistical interlude: Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE are the only countries where girls seem to be more comfortable with math

The chart above is from here via here and uses the metric of “feeling helpless” when confronted with a math problem. There are essentially only three countries in the world — Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates — where girls are significantly ahead… Continue Reading

Shift your narrative, bro: men actually work at home more than women, in most cases

This is a shift we don’t talk about enough: really, only in the past 60-70 years or so has childbirth in most of America/the world even been a choice, and that’s correlated (or timed out) with a rise in female education… Continue Reading


Suzanne Basso, executed last night in Texas, is only the 14th woman executed since 1976. Does that mean anything?

Suzanne Basso was executed last night in Texas — by lethal injection, but not by the trial version of lethal injection — thus becoming the 14th woman executed since 1976, and only the fourth since 2002 (about 12 years), three of those… Continue Reading