Across America’s 50 largest cities, the lowest inequality is in Virginia Beach

Here’s a new paper from the Brookings Institution looking at inequality — what the 20th percentile of earners in that city made in 2012 vs. what the 95th percentile made, and then calculating a ratio — in the 50 largest United… Continue Reading

More people are moving to the South and the West in the U.S., and that 3.1 percent North Dakota uptick is… OH GOD A TRAIN JUST BLEW UP

Some new census data is out on the topic of where Americans move to. This stuff is always interesting, and this one is no exception. Most Americans are moving to the South and the West, generically speaking. From Real Clear Politics:… Continue Reading


Economy’s a little better, so Americans are on the move

That’s from the latest census. Most interesting segment of this article to me: as recently as 2011, the median home price in America was about $166,000; now it’s $212,000. That’s a $46,000 difference. That can be 1-2.5 years (or more) of… Continue Reading