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For higher landing page conversion rates, try a survey

I’ve been thinking a little bit more about landing pages and conversion rates recently; I do it in my own job, and some freelance efforts, but it’s also just something I’m interested in.… Continue reading

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ChromeBook could supplant iPads in schools because of a simple contextual functionality

This is a cool story — it initially appeared on The Atlantic, but I saw it over on Quartz, and ostensibly, it’s about the educational technology sector, which is damn near close to $10 billion/year… Continue reading

When you complain about Google and privacy, please also think about John Henry Skillern

You can make a fairly compelling argument that “privacy” is the issue of the moment in some ways. Everyone’s concerned about how much information is out there about all of us via Google… Continue reading

Satya Nadella and Microsoft just hit one of the all-time corporate pivot moments

Remember back in about 1996, when there were all sorts of pre-Internet memes about how, if Bill Gates stumbled across a $20 on the street, it actually wasn’t worth his time to bend over… Continue reading

Larry Page wasn’t necessarily wrong on the “people shouldn’t have to work full-time” thing

There has been heat in the press for some of Larry Page’s comments at this Khosla Ventures “Fireside Chat” recently. You can read all about it here, but essentially, here’s what the Google… Continue reading

The world got impatient; one second of slower load time can cost Amazon $1.6 billion across a year

There are some statistics you run across in the course of consuming information that just straight up blow your mind. Here’s one example: The most staggering statistic in @VaclavSmil’s new book: b-gat.es/1oYsC7G http://t.co/QPcBscSLXj—… Continue reading

Here comes Google Fit — and maybe because Google AdWords isn’t as healthy as we all think

Next week at Google I/O, it looks like we’ll see some iteration of Google Fit, which is essentially a health data aggregation service. This is relevant to a lot of people because Google… Continue reading

Google Trends Newsroom is here for the World Cup; could that model essentially become the future of journalism?

Check this out: Google Trends Newsroom, with 20 or so employees, keeping track of search trends around World Cup games and really helping you tap into the mood and spirit of different countries… Continue reading