Digital monetization is becoming more confusing


If a CMO is looking at monetization plays that represent 16 percent of revenue vs. 84 percent of revenue, where do you think their attention might fall? Continue Reading


Five factors for effective work teams

Google's keys to better teams

Even though no one seems to understand their success with living, breathing people — instead attributing it to cash or hand or KPIs or margins or some other BS — Google has long been one of the ‘best places to… Continue Reading


Here’s the thing: management isn’t intuitive

Logical people sometimes get confused about how so many workplaces can be so dysfunctional. You probably spend more time working than doing anything else in the middle part of your life, and yet most organizations have absolutely no way to… Continue Reading


You over-inflate your intelligence when you use Google

If you like this post, feel free to share it. Someday I will move the social share buttons to the top, I swear. (It’s good to admit your failings now and again.) If you like some of my thoughts on… Continue Reading

The Rust Belt sure Googles the word “n*gger” a lot

Where people Google "nigger"

Via here, and ultimately here: West of the Mississippi is a bastion of non-hate, eh? Well, somewhat I guess. (That’s why it’s a good place to go find a spouse.) The Rust Belt, well … SMDH. It might be a… Continue Reading

You want to be a successful company? Recognize your people.

Recognize Your Employees

From here: A recent survey by the Cicero Group asked people what factors would cause them to produce great work. The number one answer (37%) was “Recognize me.” Sitting through meetings where you feel your ideas and opinions aren’t welcome… Continue Reading


Why is it so complicated for people to understand Google’s people success?

Google's Approach To People Is Logical

Stop treating people like farm animals and you’ll do alright for yourself. Continue Reading

Facebook might not be popular among teens, but it’ll still rule their lives

Facebook and the Internet of Things

Follow the bouncing ball: Even though people bitch about it all the time, Facebook is a fairly dominant platform. That said, it has some issues. Especially with teenagers. (Although buying Instagram was a good play.) Its core business, though, is really the… Continue Reading