Why is a boss usually quicker to yell than praise?

It’s not simply because they’re an asshole (although it could be). Continue Reading


Community is what sets you free

Find your tribe. Continue Reading


The power of gratitude at work

The power of gratitude

It’s less about KPI chest-pounding and breathless revenue analysis, and more about understanding how the pieces of human interaction fit together. Continue Reading

2016 goal: Text 3-5 of your friends every morning, just because

Show your friends gratitude every day

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.¬† I’m on this kick of setting 2016 goals — yesterday I came up with one about networking —… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration of what makes us human

First off, that’s not to say a nation that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving also doesn’t contain humans. It’s more a discussion of the core elements of Thanksgiving — thankfulness and gratitude — being far more than sentiment.¬†¬†Evolutionary biologists and philosophers use… Continue Reading