The bullshit thoughts and prayers culture

Thoughts and Prayers

We all know ‘thoughts and prayers’ means nothing and leads to virtually no action. So how does it still resonate so much? Continue Reading

3 years since Sandy Hook, and things are worse. Wow.

3 Years Since Sandy Hook

Out of all the mass shootings, if you were callously sit down and rank them (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this, no), Sandy Hook might be the worst. A loss of life is a loss of life wherever it happens,… Continue Reading


If New Orleans were a country, it would be second-worst for gun violence in the world

New Orleans and Gun Violence

Sobering data on gun violence in the first world relative to the developing world. Continue Reading


Newtown was a year ago and, on the gun front, nothing’s really happened. Is it mostly just politics?

There’s absolutely no way to process Newtown. Anyone who claims there is, or tries to assign some kind of idea or causation to it, is wrong. There is no clear motive.┬áHere’s a list of things that were blamed aside from… Continue Reading

This will be a big week for Alex Jones, probably

Seeing as how the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination is this Friday, and JFK’s assassination represents the primary conspiracy theory in American history, one would think this is going to be a big week for Mr. Alex Jones, ostensibly the… Continue Reading