The bullshit thoughts and prayers culture

Thoughts and Prayers

We all know ‘thoughts and prayers’ means nothing and leads to virtually no action. So how does it still resonate so much? Continue Reading

3 years since Sandy Hook, and things are worse. Wow.

3 Years Since Sandy Hook

Out of all the mass shootings, if you were callously sit down and rank them (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this, no), Sandy Hook might be the worst. A loss of life is a loss of life wherever it happens,… Continue Reading


If New Orleans were a country, it would be second-worst for gun violence in the world

New Orleans and Gun Violence

Sobering data on gun violence in the first world relative to the developing world. Continue Reading

This Trayvon Martin Nativity scene may have gone a little overboard, yes

John Zachary, a 57 year-old artist, does the Nativity installation for Claremont United Methodist Church every year (he’s a parishioner). This year, the scene features a slumped-over, bleeding Trayvon Martin. Here’s what Zachary had to say, via The Los Angeles Times: “He… Continue Reading

Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of AK-47, dies; ironically, the greatest asset of the weapon might be longevity

Truth: the gun has played an incredibly important role in history. Truth: the AK-47 is, essentially, the most popular small arms weapon in world history. And a third truth: Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of said gun, passed away recently at… Continue Reading

This Thomas Bean-Newtown story is the definition of a tough situation

For a couple of weeks after the Newtown horror last December, I couldn’t get enough information online about what was going on, from the morbid — Were there surveillance cameras at the school? — to the brazen — ‘Tis a false flag operation! —… Continue Reading