Employee happiness really ain’t about the employee

Employee happiness

We’re not going to solve this issue with software. Continue Reading


The Socially Isolated Era in America is dawning

Socially Isolated

This is some real stuff right here. Continue Reading


The unhappy at work paradox

Unhappy at work

Unemployment seems to be dropping in the western world, but more and more people are unhappy at work. Why? And what do we do? Continue Reading


Quick Happiness Hack: Take Facebook off your phone


Like several people I know, I’ve long had a weird, kinda love-hate relationship with Facebook. To wit? I’ve considered out-and-out quitting it a few times, but … FOMO I honestly think there’s something to the idea that it’s reduced true… Continue Reading


Now begins the time of year where family > work

The holidays are when family means more than work

Ah, Monday. But this is a specific Monday! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week! (At least in the United States.) So you probably work today, maybe tomorrow, no more than half of Wednesday, and then you’re likely off for the… Continue Reading

Nobody truly knows what makes people happy at work

We can't really measure happiness at work

Do we spend too much analyzing ‘what makes people happy at work’ instead of addressing the real issues? Continue Reading


You can’t skip the second act in life

Brene Brown is the speaker behind one of the most popular TED Talks of all-time, and now she’s got a new book coming out — so she’s making the media rounds. Here she is with Fast Company: Last year, Brown gave… Continue Reading


What if being happy at work is all just a huge scam?

For people that care about this kind of stuff (**raises hand**), now seems to be kind of a landmark time in the “Intersection Of Happiness And Work” research/execution world. Will Davies wrote an article for The Atlantic in June on… Continue Reading