Where in the U.S. can you live eight years longer on average?

U.S. Areas With Longer Life Expectancy

From here: The key areas, then: Northeast Corridor/Philly Western coast of California Seattle Oregon/Washington border Southern Florida retirement areas Suburban Dallas and Houston Boulder/Denver, CO In those areas, it’s about eight years longer — which is almost a full decade… Continue Reading


How to explain the world at a cocktail party

Talk about Inter-Temporal Discounting at a cocktail party

Want a cool expression to toss out at a dinner party the next time you find yourself in such a socially-elite situation? I’ve got one for you. It’s called “inter-temporal discounting.” Sounds cool, right? I bet you’re already interested. But what is it?… Continue Reading

The incredibly true story of how my fat, lazy ass learned to cook at age 29

A snapshot of three periods of my life: The summer before I turned 21, I lived with five of my best friends in D.C. I couldn’t cook at all. I don’t think we were allowed a meal plan in the… Continue Reading


Want to live longer? Here are nine tips

9 Tips for Living Longer Blue Zones

I went to this Blue Zones event in Fort Worth yesterday for about an hour; if you’re unfamiliar with what “Blue Zones” is, well, here you go. The basic idea is that a National Geographic photographer had been all over the… Continue Reading

Does Robert Aderholt want your children to be fat?

Robert Aderholt is a Congressman from Alabama, and, as a House Appropriations sub-committee chairman, he’s ultimately responsible for setting funding levels on school nutrition programs. You might know that “healthy eating” is a big focus of Michelle Obama — think the… Continue Reading

Is breakfast dead in America?

This is a cool article from Quartz on the decline of orange juice in American life — namely, rising prices of oranges, infections of orange grove, the evil nature of sugar now, etc. — but buried within it is this nugget:… Continue Reading


Yea, this is pretty much why a lot of America is obese and/or fat — but there’s hope

This is via Mother Jones by way of Amber Waves. This is Chart 1. It compares at-home spending patterns of U.S. households (i.e., at the supermarket) with USDA recommendations: Now, here’s Chart 2. It looks where Americans are eating — fast food, restaurants, at… Continue Reading