Professionalism in the workplace is about code-switching

Professionalism in the Workplace

One concept that often makes me want to self-immolate is when people begin discussing professionalism in the workplace. Lest you think I’m racing to any employer and throwing buckets of water at everyone as if I’m Doink the Clown, let… Continue Reading


What’s making you the most distracted at work?


If you look above, it’s not social media — which I bet most employers (as opposed to employees) would say. It’s actually water/coffee and bathroom breaks, which makes some sense: the former (hopefully not the latter) are ways to socialize with co-workers, and socialization/having friends… Continue Reading


E-Mail is just a representation of the power structure of your organization

EMail is just a form of hierarchy

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  Before we get into this, let’s just be clear up front: e-mail is probably one of the worst… Continue Reading

At work, certain skills can’t belong to just a few people

Silos and the clustering of skills at work

Here’s a tricky little thing about work and the future of work: we spent most of the past century building jobs around specialized skills — i.e. “He’s an IT guy!” or “She’s a designer!” — but, in the process, we created a… Continue Reading

Leadership is about building something great together

Let’s say you had the chance to take advice from a guy who had a 12-employee, $95,000 company and grew it into a 6,000-employee, $1.5 billion company? You probably would listen, no? That guy is Mark Leslie, and he recently… Continue Reading

Intersection of hierarchy and professionalism = double standard of life

Professionalism Is A Racket

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I’m not entirely sure why, but it probably has some ties back to writing this blog each day. Most people generally understand what “hierarchy” is. Even in companies that claim to… Continue Reading


Standard hierarchy is the lowest form of respect

Hierarchy In Organizations

You ever get into discussions with people at work and they invariably say something like, “Well, if I ran stuff…” We’ve all done this. I have, probably more times than I can count. For a frame of reference there, I’m 34 and… Continue Reading

Let’s retire the idea of “paying your dues.” Oh wait, we can’t.

Paying Your Dues = Should It Go Away?

Here’s a 2014 study on “millennial preparedness” for the workplace. You could choke about 19,287 horses with the amount of words that have been written about the millennial sensibility as relates to work — I myself am guilty as charged —… Continue Reading