Why political polarization in America is unique

Political Polarization

Three main issues here, and they played out big in 2016 (and shall continue to do so!). Continue Reading

Clinton vs. Rubio (Bush?): Will 2016 be first true ‘Big Data’ election?

2016 Presidential Election and Big Data

With Hilary Clinton declaring yesterday and Marco Rubio declaring today, this seemed like a good time to write this post. Interesting point made here: FDR mastered the radio like no President beforehand. JFK mastered the TV like no President beforehand.… Continue Reading


So wait, Monica Lewinsky is a hero and crusader now? No. Please no.

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

Finally got around to watching the Monica Lewinsky TED Talk from TED2015 last night before I went to bed. (“TED2015: Where The Badges Actually Had Purpose.”) I’m going to say some things right now that might make me seem like… Continue Reading

Is the Hillary Clinton waiting game actually good for democracy?

Hillary Clinton Waiting Game

There’s basically two options here. None of them are really very good for the United States’ belief in themselves as a true democracy. Continue Reading

So realistically, when is Hillary Clinton going to announce she’s running for President in 2016?

Reference check: Obama announced his 2008 candidacy in the beginning of May 2007. Theoretically, then, Hillary Clinton probably has an entire year until she needs to do anything — she might actually have┬ámore time, because the brand is so well-known… Continue Reading