You don’t need to gag on work process during the holidays

Work Process cover your ass

Most of Cubicle Land during the holidays is a mix of hypocrisy and excess process designed to “keep people focused.” It doesn’t need to be that way. Continue Reading

Holiday season at work: Stop pounding your chest

Holiday Season

Watching Love Actually and KPI-chasing don’t go hand-in-hand. Continue Reading


Now begins the time of year where family > work

The holidays are when family means more than work

Ah, Monday. But this is a specific Monday! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week! (At least in the United States.) So you probably work today, maybe tomorrow, no more than half of Wednesday, and then you’re likely off for the… Continue Reading

Ironically, the holidays are probably the least transparent time of the year

Family Holidays

I always find this funny, every single year, at every single job I’ve ever had and with almost every friend I’ve ever known and their subsequent co-workers: people run around from Dec. 6 on talking about how busy they are,… Continue Reading

Your Christmas stuff is likely from Yiwu, a small town in China

Yiwu Is Where Christmas Comes From

Read this, then read this, then watch this:

How to make Thanksgiving dinner via YouTube

Thanksgiving Dinner

You can manage Christmas almost entirely via YouTube, and do the same with Super Bowl (or other occasion) chili recipes.┬áBut the mother of all multiple-prepared-dishes holidays is Thanksgiving. Can you get at that via YouTube? Of course. In fact, I… Continue Reading

The origins of Mother’s Day run back to Grafton, West Virginia

Everything needs an origin story — Mother’s Day as well — and its origins take it back to Grafton, West Virginia in the early 1900s. To wit: In its present form, Mother’s Day was established by Anna Jarvis with the… Continue Reading

The yin and the yang of the holidays: Rion Holcombe and Steve Whitcomb

The holidays are supposed to be a blissful time for family and gatherings and, more often then not, they are. But for all the positives, periodically there are some negatives during this time of year as well. People lose loved… Continue Reading