Looks like millennials aren’t buying homes

Got that from here, which also has this chart: If you take those two charts together, here’s what you get:

You need to make $87,536 to buy a home in NYC; San Francisco? $142,448

It costs a lot to buy in San Francisco or NYC

From here, there’s this: This data comes from a mortgage research website (HSH.com) and is pretty much what you’d expect: the Northeast Corridor demands a relatively large salary (minus Philly, maybe); Florida is comparatively inexpensive (I thought Miami would be… Continue Reading

WalletHub thinks you should move to Arizona in 2015

Gilbert Arizona

One day after I wrote about “Best Performing Cities” as per Milken, here’s more “best/worst/greatest/etc.” data for 2015. This is 2015’s Best and Worst Cities for jobs, via WalletHub. The methodology is on that link, and there’s a Forbes summary here. Number 1 is… Continue Reading

Someone is now paying $500K/month to rent in New York City

Pierre Hotel Exterior

One of the major reasons I recently lived in Minnesota, and now live in Texas — despite the fact that a lot of my friends live in New York City (and, in fact, I’m from there) — is because New… Continue Reading


Buy your house in the winter, especially if you like bargain-shopping

House For Sale, Baby!

I wrote a little bit last week about “the biggest challenge” a person might encounter in 2015, detailing some of my own personal challenges/concerns in the process. One of them was about the whole notion of buying a home — that’s… Continue Reading