You know it rains more in Houston than Seattle?

Look, look, look … before we get too far into this party, you can slice data in a million different ways and contextualize it in a million different ways. (If you don’t believe that, go get into an argument with… Continue Reading

The AstroDome could become the new High Line

Harris County judge Ed Emmett seemingly has a good deal of power in the Houston area. That’s relevant, because he “absolutely opposes” demolishing the AstroDome, which basically hasn’t been consistently used in years. People have been discussing the fate of the… Continue Reading

This NFL Draft is a big night for H-Town: Houston Rockets haven’t won a title since 1995, Houston Texans have never been to a Super Bowl, Astros haven’t been relevant since 2005. Is “a savior” coming?

Above is the end of Game 4 of the 1995 NBA Finals. The Rockets swept the Magic (with a young Shaq) and won their second consecutive NBA championship. That was the last championship the city won, which is about 18-19 years. That’s… Continue Reading

Beyonce and Jay-Z doing an On The Run summer tour, eh? July 4th weekend in Philly just got a lot more intense

Go to about 2:30 on the above video, if you wish. Beyonce is doing “Upgrade U” live in Los Angeles, wearing a flowery yellow dress, and suddenly, Jay-Z — who is a part of that song if you were to… Continue Reading


Who’s really going No. 1 in the 2014 NFL Draft: Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or someone else?

I just Googled “NFL mock draft” for the hell of it and got about 33.5 million results — almost all of which, somehow, are about 2014 (as opposed to previous years that are stuck in the Google Cache somewhere). Here’s… Continue Reading


Steve Stockman and Ted Cruz as U.S. Senators won’t happen, but damn, it would be interesting

Ted Cruz won his Senate election in Texas in 2012, so he’s good until 2018 (there’s oddly speculation that he might be running for something else in 2016, which I guess is only logical since he’s reached the coloring book stage of… Continue Reading