“We’ll keep your resume on file!” And then what?

Keep your resume on file

AI might make hiring more effective here. Continue Reading


The endless career change loop

Career change

The job-hopping stigma comes home to roost. Continue Reading


Beating a performance improvement plan (and the dirty little secret)

Performance Improvement Plan

How do you escape from a Performance Improvement Plan when it comes calling for you? Continue Reading


Are we hiring from “sense of purpose?” (Probably not.)

Sense of purpose

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Tie employee development to potential challenges

Employee development

Maybe put some data on it. Continue Reading


HR training needs a major shift in focus

HR training

It’s often way too much about process. Continue Reading


Onboarding best practices: You need a revenue tie

Onboarding best practices

A compliance-oriented brain thinks “We need checklists and processes!” You do, but that misses the bigger point — and this drives turnover. Continue Reading


The 2017 HR analytics problem, in one paragraph

HR analytics

Vocabulary needs to change first. Continue Reading