Managers judge new ideas poorly. So what do we do?

Moving along good ideas

Take these two concepts and think about them: Harry Potter, maybe the most successful film + book franchise of the last 20-50 years, comes from JK Rowling experiencing ‘loads’ of rejections before she got a publisher. The main way we set… Continue Reading

How to improve the bottom line with employee ideas

Employee Ideas and the Bottom Line

I’ve worked for a lot of senior leaders who seem to hold a belief that the company’s success comes at the expense of its employees, not as a result of their work. What do I mean by that? It’s a common attitude that rank-and-file… Continue Reading

Your business has a Casssandra Complex

If you like this post, feel free to share it. Someday I will move the social share buttons to the top, I swear. (It’s good to admit your failings now and again.) If you like some of my thoughts on… Continue Reading


Productivity and engagement killer: Mobile e-mail.

Checking Your EMail At Night Is Terrible For Ideas

Stop and think about this for one second, and try to follow this bouncing ball: A lot of people (probably a majority) do check their e-mail at off-hours, i.e. night-time at home. When they’re doing that, a subsequent large number are probably… Continue Reading


How To Get Buy-In: It’s all about positive energy

How To Get Buy In

Take a look at this chart; I got it from here: “Buy-in” is a pretty important concept, all told. If you have an idea and you can’t get people to buy into it, what’s the value of the idea? In harshest… Continue Reading

How do you get your idea to catch on?

How To Get Ideas To Catch On

Challenging question, right? And in a way, kind of the crux of everything. If you have the greatest idea in the history of mankind but no one buys into it, well … was it really the greatest idea in the history… Continue Reading


The leadership parable of the roofer, the carpenter, and the inline skater

Leadership and Different Ideas

Most “leaders” at organizations: Don’t understand that organizational breakthroughs can come from anywhere Aren’t really that comfortable with ideas outside of their own This varies by organization, of course, but most managers/leaders I’ve worked with fall into those camps. If… Continue Reading

Fast Company on how to introduce new ideas: Completely roll over

Getting People To Listen To New Ideas

I really like Fast Company and read it a lot, although moreso the digital side and less so the paper side (if I read the print product, I’m probably on a plane somewhere). Sometimes, however, they massively whiff with the stuff they… Continue Reading