How do we foster trust in new ideas?

This is important personally and professionally, and perhaps now more than ever. Continue Reading

Ideation process might have a basic secret sauce

Ideation Process

Borrowing a page from the Malcolm Gladwell playbook. Continue Reading


Get better ideas: Maybe lessen your own ego, yea?

Better Ideas

Mostly-logical advice from rich people. Continue Reading

Idea generation is all about persistence

Idea Generation

Idea generation would seem to be a pretty big topic in the working world, right? You can argue that ‘no original ideas are left’ — that’s definitely true in content marketing, baby! — or you can argue that the only… Continue Reading

Managers judge new ideas poorly. So what do we do?

Moving along good ideas

Take these two concepts and think about them: Harry Potter, maybe the most successful film + book franchise of the last 20-50 years, comes from JK Rowling experiencing ‘loads’ of rejections before she got a publisher. The main way we set… Continue Reading

How to improve the bottom line with employee ideas

Employee Ideas and the Bottom Line

I’ve worked for a lot of senior leaders who seem to hold a belief that the company’s success comes at the expense of its employees, not as a result of their work. What do I mean by that? It’s a common attitude that rank-and-file… Continue Reading

Maybe ideation software isn’t helping

Ideation Platforms and Communication

Everywhere you look these days, there seem to be different kinds of tools and software to make it easier to listen to (and subsequently engage) your employees. Often this will be something cloud-based, promising “real-time feedback,” and/or “actionable insights,” etc.… Continue Reading