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Between 2006 and 2012, income inequality increased in 226 U.S. metros

If you’re trying to figure out where exactly the Great Recession (or “Downturn”) of 2008 did the most damage in the United States, one way to explore that would be to look at rising inequality… Continue reading

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29.21 percent of Monaco are millionaires. Holy hell.

There are 72 billionaires living in London, but if we knock it down a peg to millionaires, the density becomes insane for one city. Get this: 3 in 10 people who live in… Continue reading

Here’s the most depressing American jobs-related paragraph you’ll read today

From here: In the immediate excitement of announcing 288,000 “jobs,” most commentary, taking its tone from President Obama’s “we’re making progress” statement, ignored or glossed over the real story: The disturbing trend to… Continue reading

High school dropouts seem to be moving to Riverside, CA and Cape Coral, FL

Check out the chart above; it’s from the awesome-to-read Richard Florida at CityLab. The stuff on the far right shouldn’t surprise you: the “most educated” people are heading to Seattle, San Francisco, DC, Denver, and… Continue reading

Lower income inequality = higher self-regard and self-satisfaction with your state, apparently

Wrote a little about the growth in income inequality across the 50 states from 1979 to 2012 last week, and now here’s more, via CityLab. Check out this chart: Essentially, the states with the… Continue reading

A family of four (in the U.S.) earning $11,925 a year (likely) gets less government aid than a family of four earning $47,700. Thank you, Robert Moffitt.

Robert Moffitt is an economist at Johns Hopkins; most of his research is around the idea of taxes, health care, and welfare. Indeed, he has a huge study coming out in the academic… Continue reading

From 1979 to 2012, only four U.S. states — Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota and Hawaii — saw income inequality rise by LESS than 10 percent

Cool article in The Atlantic Cities on the growth of American income inequality from 1979 to 2012; essentially, in 1979, there were 11 states (and D.C.) that had rates of inequality (as measured by Gini)… Continue reading

London has 72 billionaires. Moscow has 48, NYC has 43, and San Francisco has 42. Ah, the 1 Percent…

If you’re looking for that kind of lifestyle, your best bet is in London, apparently. The city has 72 billionaires, which is 24 more than the next-highest concentration (48, in Moscow). There are… Continue reading