Oft-ignored problem: Digital laziness

Digital laziness

Passively clicking “like” all day isn’t helping anyone. (Well, except companies.) Continue Reading


The value of protests in the algorithm age


Those 29 likes on your funny Instagram sign are not “fighting the establishment” just yet. Continue Reading


The simple lesson of Google and YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Google Facebook Instagram YouTube

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. In 2014, YouTube alone will be responsible for about 20 percent of all digital ad revenue, top $1 billion in video ad revenue, and is quite possibly worth about $40 billion right now.… Continue Reading

National parks are still quite popular, via Facebook and rich people

National Parks Popularity

Facebook did a year in review, as major websites are wanton to do, and they included a top 10 list of checked-in places in the United States. 3/10 of the list is national parks — Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone —… Continue Reading


Social engagement doesn’t matter. Stop measuring it.

Social Media Engagement

As a drunk kid in Vegas once told me (read the post), “We don’t get paid in likes and clicks.” Continue Reading


Can you make money (revenue) off social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? And if you can’t, will social someday become a fad?

Let’s start with a couple of basics: Facebook and Twitter, the two behemoths in the general social media space right now (I’d classify Instagram as Facebook, and I might include YouTube as the third behemoth), are now both public companies.… Continue Reading


How long should a Facebook post, a Twitter post, a headline, or an e-mail subject be if you’re looking for maximum engagement?

You can read the full post with methodology and outbound links here, or check out this infographic for a condensed version: This is mostly designed for marketing through social media / web / e-mail, but I’d probably disagree on the… Continue Reading

Google Zeitgeist: Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, Aaron Hernandez, Travyon Martin and more confirm we’re really into death and bad things

I’m obsessed with Google Zeitgeist. Think about this: the site may be responsible for 100 billion searches per month. As a result, any snapshot data it gives you on a year has to be somewhat interesting, no? Here’s a good rundown of some… Continue Reading