Is inclusive prosperity even psychologically possible?

Inclusive Prosperity

In other words: do the rich decision-makers really care about the rest of us shmucks? Continue Reading

Four ideas we get totally wrong about retirement

Stats about Retirement

The new cover of TIME Magazine — and you can argue over how relevant TIME Magazine is to the modern day, but it’s still a thing millions of people at least glance at on newsstands every week — is a… Continue Reading


What if Baby Boomers start leaving experiences (instead of money) to millennials?

Baby Boomers Millennials Travel

I have a ton of thoughts on all this, but I don’t want to get extremely far off the rails before I even really start talking, so … let me begin with a story, which tends to center me. I… Continue Reading

The 1% will soon own more than the bottom 50%, eh? We’re all totally doomed.

Top 1 Percent World's Wealth

I think by this point, most people understand the idea that institutionalized wealth is pretty much everything, and the people that have it ultimately strive to protect it, and often they do a pretty good job of doing so. New data is… Continue Reading

Someone is now paying $500K/month to rent in New York City

Pierre Hotel Exterior

One of the major reasons I recently lived in Minnesota, and now live in Texas — despite the fact that a lot of my friends live in New York City (and, in fact, I’m from there) — is because New… Continue Reading


Your name can keep you on top of society for 28 generations

The 1 Percent vs. the 99 Percent

Thomas Piketty got a lot of attention, both good and bad, for his latest book. If you’ve never read it (admittedly, I have not either), the central idea is that, in capitalist economies, wealth will naturally concentrate in the hands of a… Continue Reading


Some nice inequality headlines to start your Tuesday: the 85 richest people in the world have as much as the 3.85 billion poorest people. Yea.

Inequality is a big topic all over the world — in America it might be one of the biggest, simply because it’s going to frame the next two major election cycles (’14 and ’16) and the whole Baby Boomers vs. Millenials… Continue Reading