How about team-based hiring?

The hiring manager usually screws up the process, so… Continue Reading

Interview techniques: Make them less generic

Interview Techniques

This applies to both candidates and hiring managers. Continue Reading


The most common interview questions do little to advance the hiring process

Job Interview Questions

I just came across this post on HubSpot about ‘The 10 Most Common Interview Questions — And How To Answer Them,’ which is in turn based on March 2015 research from Glassdoor into ‘The 50 Most Common Interview Questions.’ The order of… Continue Reading


The No. 1 interview question of the future will be…

Follow the bouncing ball here: Job interviews are mostly a train wreck that accomplish very little and no one has really clear rules about; The new fad in that space was “behavioral interviewing,” which is dumb as all get-out; What… Continue Reading


Behavioral interviewing is dumb

I went to grad school at the University of Minnesota from 2012 to 2014. In hindsight, I regret nearly everything about it — although in the process, I learned a lot about myself and who I am, and those lessons… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: where’s the line in a job interview between being casual/funny/personable and the definition of professionalism?

Feel like this has happened to me a couple of times in the last six-seven months: I’m at a job interview, and it’s one of those situations where you meet with 3-5 people in a given day, for about 30… Continue Reading

So, why are manhole covers round?

I’m not all about turning this blog into the same thing as Wikipedia — because you can find the basic answer to the question posed above by searching ‘manhole cover’ on there — but I do want to use it… Continue Reading