Jennifer Lawrence’s e-mail, peanutbutt, should be a lesson to marketers

Jennifer Lawrence Hot

Jennifer Lawrence’s e-mail alias is apparently “peanutbutt.” If that’s true — it’s info from the Sony hacks — then it furthers America’s obsession with Jennifer Lawrence and how real / authentic she is (depending on whether you believe she really is). Think… Continue Reading

On The Fappening, Kate Upton, ethics and all that

When nudes get released of celebs, how should we process that information? Continue Reading

What are going to be the big movies of 2014 or, phrased another way, is it the year of Shailene Woodley?

One year turns to the next, and while we make lists of stuff related to the year we’ve just finished, we also look breathlessly ahead. Movies are tough to hit on — release dates can change pretty quickly (for example,… Continue Reading


David O. Russell is the new Hollywood turnaround story

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was Pulp Fiction (I suppose a more accurate way of saying that is that it’s still one of my favorite movies, and emotionally, I’m not sure I’m much higher up the chain… Continue Reading

Jennifer Lawrence is the past, the present, and the future of entertainment

Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out tomorrow at midnight, so The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an article today entitled “Lawrence is Hollywood’s modern everywoman,” referencing, of course, Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the star of those films (the first one made about $692 million worldwide, and was… Continue Reading