Why do we still find the Kennedy family relevant?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Kennedy stuff on the news recently — RFK Jr. married Cheryl Hines (RIP Suburburgatory) this weekend with a bunch of mostly-famous people around, the Michael Skakel case is still in the news, and there… Continue Reading

Some contextual thoughts on driving down the I-35 corridor

I grew up in New York City; until I did Teach for America down in Houston in 2003 (the year I graduated from college, also on the east coast), I had basically never left the I-95 corridor. I-95 is its own… Continue Reading

Four of the five most popular US airline routes involve a New York City airport

Check out that graph above, via Quartz and via PlaneStats. I’ve always heard that LGA/JFK — > MIA is a thing (makes sense with warm weather and all), and I used to thump that stat for days at airport bars back when because… Continue Reading

Mostly from a U.S. standpoint, what’s the biggest ‘where were you when…’ moment in history?

The 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination is tomorrow; I’m sure most of you potentially reading this knew that by now. I was watching Tom Brokaw on The Daily Show last night, and he made some good points regarding that moment in American… Continue Reading

This will be a big week for Alex Jones, probably

Seeing as how the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination is this Friday, and JFK’s assassination represents the primary conspiracy theory in American history, one would think this is going to be a big week for Mr. Alex Jones, ostensibly the… Continue Reading

Clint Hill is the last surviving member of the JFK Presidential motorcade

First off, assuming anyone reads this blog on any type of a rolling basis, I apologize for not posting in a few days. I was busy doing this for the last couple of days (came in third, so that’s cool),… Continue Reading

A brief history of the Presidential apology

This is all over the news today as a topic/concept because of President Obama’s apology yesterday as relates to the ‘keep your plan’ idea; NPR even has a rundown of the recent history of Presidential apologies, going back (on their link,… Continue Reading