Looking for a job? Understand the disconnects.

Looking for a job

Turn the employer’s weaknesses into your strengths. Continue Reading


How to master your job search: The mindset

Master your job search

A job search these days is a pretty fraught thing. How do you master it? If you’ve read this blog even a handful of times, you might know my basic deal: Moved to Texas in July 2014 for a gig… Continue Reading

So, what do employers want in 2015?

I wrote this a while back, about the top 10 skills needed for a job based on some LinkedIn research. Actually spent some time in Northampton, MA over the holidays after I wrote that post (was with friends), and one… Continue Reading

Most bullshit job search term ever: “Overqualified”

Overqualified Is Job Search BS

Wrote this post a while ago, then re-purposed it on LinkedIn over the weekend. Did OK there (maybe 1,000 views and a handful of comments) and one of the comments jumped out to me first. It was about the whole… Continue Reading


Experience shouldn’t matter in job search, but boy … does it ever.

Experience Shouldn't Matter For Jobs, But It Does

Got that video from the Stanford Business School Insights page, and notably this post. Here’s essentially what a couple of researchers did/found: Along with University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Camelia Kuhnen (who earned her PhD at Stanford GSB),… Continue Reading


A practical, vocational college major is a terrible fucking idea

Colleges Don't Prepare Students For Work

Honestly, sometimes when I look at the gap between “what universities do to prepare students” and “how potential employers view students,” I silently weep to myself. The gap between A and B is a fucking chasm; it’s about 1,000 times… Continue Reading

Could a dating website making hiring better?

eHarmony has matched 600K married couples since its inception. Meanwhile, the hiring process in America is a bit of a mess right now. Could eHarmony get into that space — after all, it knows the algorithms that draw people together,… Continue Reading


Should you try and get feedback after a job search rejection, or should you move on?

Obviously, there’s no universal way to answer this question. It’s going to vary by specific person, specific industry, desire to work in that industry, and numerous other factors. Here are a couple of things I’ve observed in the past few… Continue Reading