It might actually suck more to NOT lose your job to automation

It might be worse if a robot doesn't steal your job

Work automation is coming, baby! The highest numbers you’ll see in various articles are close to 50 percent — meaning 1 in 2 jobs could be automated someday. That’s a whole thing, no? Today, Fast Company has an article about “What Work Will… Continue Reading


Here’s the most depressing American jobs-related paragraph you’ll read today

From here: In the immediate excitement of announcing 288,000 “jobs,” most commentary, taking its tone from President Obama’s “we’re making progress” statement, ignored or glossed over the real story: The disturbing trend to lower-quality, part-time jobs. Last month the ranks… Continue Reading


People will tell you “the last jobs report was good!” Show ’em these two charts re: unemployment rate and labor force participation.

Chart 1: Chart 2: Both charts are via here. The easy headline for the jobs report is “288K new jobs created!” or “Unemployment rate drops to 6.3 percent, lowest in years!” An even more robust header for it might be “The U.S. is… Continue Reading


Let’s compare the 10 largest occupations in America in 1999 and 2013, shall we? (Pause for sigh.)

Before, we’ve talked about where jobs might be come 2022 — so eight years or so from now. But what’s happened to jobs in the past decade or so? Well, check out this chart, courtesy of Pew: Here’s the original… Continue Reading

Fun with labor, maps, and statistics: if you want to find a job, move to North Dakota, Nebraska, or Dallas

I love data on jobs and job searching, probably because my own life is a wreck with that stuff right now. I started out looking at unemployment rate by state — to a coastal-bias person, it would seem crazy that the… Continue Reading


Yes: Italy, Spain and Greece still have massive unemployment. But the Euro Zone picture isn’t awful when compared to the United States.

You’ve probably been hearing about the insanely high unemployment numbers for some European countries for the last several years — the number I most hear associated with Spain is 27 percent, and over 50 percent of youth, while similarly horrible… Continue Reading

So, what’s going on with the jobs report?

I’m going to keep this post shorter than an average one; I’m actually looking for jobs right now, and basically having no luck, so I feel like I’m probably going to write something even more stupid than what I normally… Continue Reading