We should probably stop considering mobile as “a fad”

Mobile Traffic And Informed Populations

I’ve talked to a lot of random high-middle-management people in my life who have told me that there isn’t really a logical reason to invest in mobile, because it’s a “fad.” (As in, “Well, something else will come along.”) I… Continue Reading


Does business journalism really have value?

Harvard Business Review

In short answer, yes: Fast Company was sold for $35 million back in 2005, for example. Inherently, there’s value in the field of reporting on business, leadership, management, etc. Here’s what got me thinking about all this, though. 

Here are some of the best lines from the Joe Biden New Yorker profile

I just read this on a plane from BOS to DFW. I laughed out loud about six times; when the plane landed, the guy across the aisle from me was like, “Hey, I have to ask … what could possibly… Continue Reading


Vogue has 146 more ad pages for September’s issue than its next highest competitor

631 ad pages for Vogue in the September issue, which is regularly used to gauge the health of fashion / luxury / lifestyle publications. The next highest number of ad pages in that space? InStyle, with 485. That’s a difference… Continue Reading

There’s a nugget in David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate that tells you all you need to know about the Internet and how people use it

Yesterday over at Slate, six-year editor David Plotz said goodbye. He’s being replaced by Julia Turner, who for all intents and purposes has a similar mindset. You can view Slate in a lot of different contextual ways, but it’s near and dear to my heart… Continue Reading

Google Trends Newsroom is here for the World Cup; could that model essentially become the future of journalism?

Check this out: Google Trends Newsroom, with 20 or so employees, keeping track of search trends around World Cup games and really helping you tap into the mood and spirit of different countries (and/or the world). If you go there… Continue Reading


Can we learn anything from the most popular titles (short-term and long-term) on Harvard Business Review?

In some ways, Harvard Business Review is the gold standard of business-school-associated journalism. One of their former editors went on to found Fast Company (another great business magazine) and is now running for Governor of New Mexico. HBR dutifully tracks — as most publications do —… Continue Reading

Marissa Mayer is apparently rolling the dice on digital magazines

Marissa Mayer — who made a splash wit some product grabs (Tumblr) and some people grabs (Katie Couric, David Pogue) recently — gave a Yahoo (Yahoo!) keynote at CES 2014 and talked about some of Yahoo’s upcoming plans. It was an entertainment-driven… Continue Reading