The misconception that crushes productivity

Seat time is a bigger lie than “females don’t like sex.” Continue Reading


Close to 85% of your job might be meaningless

Do nothing all day and still get paid? Yeppers. Continue Reading


Sharing ideas: The only way work actually works

Sharing Ideas

We live in The Knowledge Economy, right? Continue Reading


Internal networking > external networking

Internal networking

This one might confuse some people. Continue Reading


Do we now lip-service the importance of education?

Importance of education

Kinda feels like the same thing as an exec discussing “mission and vision.” Continue Reading

Knowledge sharing at work: A legit differentiator

Knowledge sharing

Seems like an important play if we truly live in The Knowledge Economy now, yes? Continue Reading


How to have a team that actually executes on goals

Sometimes when people discuss “strategy” breathlessly, I don’t know what to say. Who cares about strategy at some point if you don’t have a team in place that can actually “execute” on the strategy at hand? It’s kind of a… Continue Reading

Damn, North Dakota: from 2010 to 2013, 940 new jobs per 10,000 people. Next highest in the U.S.? 337 new jobs per 10K people.

Say it with me now: the twin engines of present-day American job growth are knowledge and energy. We’ve talked about this before (with a little more context here), and now theres’s some new data via Atlantic Cities essentially underscoring the idea. Look at this chart:   The… Continue Reading