Look at this graph of U.S. execution methods since 1776

Lethal Injection Gurney

From here, and kind of nuts: as you can see below, there are essentially five methods by which the United States has ever killed someone (in an execution sense, at least): Hanging Firing Squad Electrocution Gas Chamber Lethal Injection Regardless… Continue Reading

On The Fappening, Kate Upton, ethics and all that

When nudes get released of celebs, how should we process that information? Continue Reading

Come July 11th, the FBI will start recording interrogations. Wait, the FBI wasn’t recording them before?

Apparently, this ban had been in place for over a century and was over-turned “in the interest of transparency.” Here’s the FBI quote on why it stuck around so long (’twas a badge of honor): Phil Mudd served as the FBI’s… Continue Reading


60 years since Brown vs. Board of Education, and only about 12 percent of African-American/Latino students in major cities have any exposure to white students. Um…

I don’t think you need to have seen The Wire Season 4 to understand this, but perhaps that would help a little depending on your specific background with education (and where you grew up): The UCLA report notes that Latino students are the… Continue Reading

Mandatory minimums are getting reconsidered, yes, but they partially only came about because Johnny St. Valentine Brown Jr. lied under oath

This isn’t a new story, but I just came across it and it seemed fairly interesting. Mandatory minimums may be on the way out, but one of the reasons they ever emerged in the first place was because of a massive perjury… Continue Reading

In 1994, there were 537 craft breweries in America. Now there are 2,768. Thank you, Jimmy Carter?

Cool profile on NPR this morning about the rise in craft brewing — although this has been covered for a few years now, it’s great to see stories of this ilk. I almost always order craft, and I can’t tell… Continue Reading

Brian David Mitchell and Whitey Bulger are in the same prison unit in Tucson, eh?

I watch a lot of true crime stuff, and sometimes once I know who the offender is, I look up where they’re in prison. Oftentimes, there’s some overlap. For example, remember the Craig Titus case? Well, Titus is in prison at… Continue Reading

If you interview inmates about their decision-making when they were younger, what can you learn?

That’s the idea behind a photo exhibit from Trent Bell (there’s an accompanying video embedded above). Only 12 men volunteered for Bell’s project, which came about when one of his good friends was sentenced to 36 years in jail — and… Continue Reading