LinkedIn benefits 2017: Meh, not so much

LinkedIn benefits

“Oh hey, I don’t check this very much,” comes a response 10 months after you messaged someone. Continue Reading


Professional networking: The modern dichotomy

Professional Networking

“I’ve got 2,191 LinkedIn connections! I’m so networked!” But are you, sir? Are you? Continue Reading

Is social recruiting actually happening?

Social Recruiting

This is fast becoming ‘buzzword territory’ and not an actual strategy designed to get you the right people. Continue Reading

Marketers, let’s retire the auto-DM


Been doing more Twitter Chats recently — which are actually kind of cool for meeting like-minded people — and as a result, I pick up followers here and there. I’d say 15-25 percent of the time after I grab a… Continue Reading


Does LinkedIn’s effectiveness sit on a throne of lies?


I’ve always been a big fan of LinkedIn in any number of ways — as of this morning, I have 458 posts over there, although admittedly almost all of them are repurposed from this site and most are horrifically unpopular… Continue Reading


Here’s why LinkedIn publishing is probably NOT a good strategy

From The New Yorker’s really long, in-depth profile of billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn would also purvey business advice. Three years ago, it assembled a group of eight hundred “influencers”—Hoffman, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington—who began regularly posting on the… Continue Reading

Your LinkedIn job title is ridiculous.

Ridiculous LinkedIn Job Titles

You’re not an “Analytics Sensei.” That sounds preposterous. Continue Reading


Let’s talk realistically about LinkedIn publishing for a second

Pros and Cons LinkedIn Publishing

Just read this article on Forbes about LinkedIn publishing and how it’s poised to become the next great media company. Not sure I 100 percent agree, but my opinions are neither here nor there; I’m one person, and I’m not… Continue Reading