News flash: A bunch of your sexual history will be transactional

We probably need a freer attitude towards sexuality, all told. Continue Reading

If you’re single, the best place to live is probably Colorado Springs or El Paso

Since college, I was single in central CT and then NYC. Both were hell in their own right. In central CT, I rocked eHarmony for a bit. I met a cool girl who was doing med school at Yale —… Continue Reading

The key to understanding love on Valentine’s Day isn’t Hallmark, it’s the insula and the striatum

Lot of different theories on V-Day depending on where you are in the great relational roller coaster — some love it, some hate it, some utterly indifferent towards it. (I’m married, but more the latter than anything else.) I thought… Continue Reading

The yin and the yang of the holidays: Rion Holcombe and Steve Whitcomb

The holidays are supposed to be a blissful time for family and gatherings and, more often then not, they are. But for all the positives, periodically there are some negatives during this time of year as well. People lose loved… Continue Reading