Why your marketing campaigns suck

Marketing Campaigns

Over-focus on process and quantity of tasks + under-focus on value and clarity of concept. Continue Reading


Digital marketing plan: Blow up the bridge

Digital Marketing Plan

Art of War time. Apply the face paint. Continue Reading

Email marketing best practices: Be conversational

EMail Marketing Best Practices

Have a dialogue. Show your value. Continue Reading

‘Omni-channel marketing’ is buzzword hell

Omni-Channel Marketing

“Our Q3 omni-channel strategy drew significant ROI, and by that I mean we tracked Facebook impressions for a few posts and they seemed OK.” Continue Reading

Marketing objectives 101: Stop copying everyone else

Marketing Objectives 101

When I was a little bit younger, I was often confused about marketing objectives. To be honest, before I even worked in marketing, I really didn’t understand the difference between “marketing” and “advertising.” (Truth be told, most CMOs probably still… Continue Reading

14 paths to personalized content success


Forbes magazine and Price Waterhouse Coopers just completed a study on ‘Leading With Customer-Focused Content,’ which on the surface can sound a bit buzzword-heavy. Essentially, it’s about a two-pronged idea: Content is important Personalized content — in essence, stuff a consumer actually would… Continue Reading

Marketers, let’s retire the auto-DM


Been doing more Twitter Chats recently — which are actually kind of cool for meeting like-minded people — and as a result, I pick up followers here and there. I’d say 15-25 percent of the time after I grab a… Continue Reading


What if traditional marketing dies?

I once wrote a post about the potential of advertising to die as an industry, and now I’m thinking the same thing of its closest cousin (fraternal twin?), marketing. In reality, here’s what will probably happen: neither will die, per se,… Continue Reading