‘Omni-channel marketing’ is buzzword hell

Omni-Channel Marketing

“Our Q3 omni-channel strategy drew significant ROI, and by that I mean we tracked Facebook impressions for a few posts and they seemed OK.” Continue Reading

Marketing objectives 101: Stop copying everyone else

Marketing Objectives 101

When I was a little bit younger, I was often confused about marketing objectives. To be honest, before I even worked in marketing, I really didn’t understand the difference between “marketing” and “advertising.” (Truth be told, most CMOs probably still… Continue Reading


Does marketing focus too much on campaigns?

Marketing and the over-focus on campaigns

“I don’t have time for that! We’re launching a new marketing campaign this week!” I’ve worked in a bunch of different marketing departments and capacities at companies in different industries and verticals, and I’ve always seen — especially from middle… Continue Reading


What if traditional marketing dies?

I once wrote a post about the potential of advertising to die as an industry, and now I’m thinking the same thing of its closest cousin (fraternal twin?), marketing. In reality, here’s what will probably happen: neither will die, per se,… Continue Reading

Future of Marketing: Science, Storytelling, Speed, Simplicity, and Substance (5S)

  People who study business love things like “The 4Ps” (price, product, promotion, and place!) or “The 7C Compass Model” or whatever. In reality, this is mostly reams of bullshit, or a way to potentially think about the bigger ideas… Continue Reading


Could advertising just die someday as an industry?

I’ve wondered this for a couple of months now, so I decided to try and sit down and make some sense of the idea with a post. Here’s the thing: advertising is oftentimes everything to media pursuits (television, magazines, newspapers, etc.) It’s… Continue Reading


The sales-marketing divide isn’t going away anytime soon

Sales-Marketing Divide

I had a freelance gig for a while writing articles for 9Lenses, and one of the articles I wrote was this jam on how to align sales and marketing. I think that’s a fairly large topic and people often avoid it, or… Continue Reading


Marketing and the passionate minority

Clean Marketing Message

Found this over on Mack Collier — he’s a good dude and runs #BlogChat, which I should probably contribute to more — about “clean” and “dirty” conversations in the marketing space. Before you excited and think some brand is gonna start… Continue Reading