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People need to always remember The Stranger’s Dilemma

What if someone wrote a book about sales and selling called Never Be Closing, as opposed to the oft-cited Always Be Closing? Well, someone has — and they just did an interview with… Continue reading

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Here’s two great, very simple pieces of sales advice

I like the Buffer blog a lot. It’s consistently pretty well-researched and well-intentioned (hence actionable), and this goes for Kevan Lee’s posts (one of the main authors) as well as a lot of… Continue reading

Vogue has 146 more ad pages for September’s issue than its next highest competitor

631 ad pages for Vogue in the September issue, which is regularly used to gauge the health of fashion / luxury / lifestyle publications. The next highest number of ad pages in that… Continue reading

Content marketing is all the rage, but is it linked enough to business goals?

I’d classify myself as in the “content marketing” space, although it can vary on a day-to-day basis (as can any job). I try to read stuff about it whenever I can, and I… Continue reading

Bitly decided to get in bed with the marketing industry big-time

I use Bitly for my links on this blog, and I know most major organizations do as well — I can tell you from personal experience that PBS and ESPN do, for example.… Continue reading

Could acqui-hiring work outside the tech space?

The basic concept of “acqui-hiring” is pretty simple — as more tech talent (primarily that’s the industry where this happens) opts for start-ups over bigger companies, the bigger companies find it harder to… Continue reading

Do universities use inaccurate marketing to get students in the door, especially at the business/grad program level?

This is kind of an interesting topic to me for a variety of reasons. I went to grad school (two-year business program), struggled to get a job, finally did, and now regularly look… Continue reading

For marketing to have more introverts, we need to flip the old-school hiring script on its head

This article is pretty cool / interesting and describes why marketing needs more introverts — as opposed to the extroverts more commonly associated with that business sector. The central reason should be logical… Continue reading