Trying times: The “let me off the hook” problem

Trying times

Don’t make it about you; make it about them. Continue Reading


Scientifically, how many times a week “should” couples be having sex?

Let’s start here: “The Three Things You Can’t Talk About” in most first-world, middle-class-ish existences are sex (which creates you), money (which drives a lot of people), and failure (which happens to everyone almost hourly, but no one seems to ever want to really talk about). This… Continue Reading


Today is my wife’s birthday. If you want the story of how we met, click here.

Let me start here: I promise I’ll make this somewhat funny/entertaining. Otherwise, why would you want to read the story of how two people you potentially barely know got together? If you get about halfway and it’s not funny or entertaining, then… Continue Reading

Social change moves a lot faster than you think

Social Change Is Faster Than You Think

That chart is from here, although it’s ultimately by way of here. (The second link has more interactive graphics.) We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: in 2001, 57% of the populace seemed to oppose gay marriage. Now, 58% seem to support it.… Continue Reading

So, factually maybe marriage is a dying institution

Marriage Is Dying

I probably write too much on here about “How Millennials Are Different From Baby Boomers And Other Generations,” (i.e. this post) and lo and behold, here-we-fucking-go-again. Here’s a post from Pew Research on generational shifts. You need to start by… Continue Reading


Got married two years ago today. Here’s some thoughts.

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Lessons from dealing with an anxious spouse

Lessons from Anxious Spouse

Lest you think I’m out here sharing family secrets in a negative way, let me say off the bat that I talked about writing this post with my wife and she vetted the concept entirely (partially in hope that it… Continue Reading

Should you combine finances with your spouse / significant other?

Combining Finances After Marriage

I personally think so, but this is a fairly divisive issue. Continue Reading