Need for closure personalities hurt workplaces

Need for closure

Pros and cons to this style in the modern working world. Continue Reading


Let’s end the ‘schedule a call’ culture

Schedule a call

“Hop on a call this week?” Continue Reading

The gravest meeting planning sin

Meeting Planning

Gotta respect time like you respect money, honey. Continue Reading


Action items: Why is this so hard for people?

Action Items

“… well I dunno, I’ll guess I’ll send some follow-up emails and we can all get together and meet again…” Continue Reading


Bad leadership costs you about $144,541.30 per day

Bad Leadership

“No time for that shit, Judy! Kick it to HR! They have the functional knowledge! I’m out here building the biz!” Continue Reading


One on one meetings: How to improve them

One On One Meetings

“… but we have technology to deal with that now!” Bad idea. Continue Reading

The cancelled meetings culture

Cancelled Meetings

“We’ll just cancel Thursday’s meeting! Got a lot on my plate after all! Gotta get some higher-priority stuff out the door!” Continue Reading

How to prepare better for meetings and calls

Prepare better for meetings and calls

It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve worked with over the years who seem to put absolutely no thought into how to prepare better for meetings and calls. Look, the sad fact of the matter is — much of… Continue Reading