One on one meetings: How to improve them

One On One Meetings

“… but we have technology to deal with that now!” Bad idea. Continue Reading

The cancelled meetings culture

Cancelled Meetings

“We’ll just cancel Thursday’s meeting! Got a lot on my plate after all! Gotta get some higher-priority stuff out the door!” Continue Reading

How to prepare better for meetings and calls

Prepare better for meetings and calls

It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve worked with over the years who seem to put absolutely no thought into how to prepare better for meetings and calls. Look, the sad fact of the matter is — much of… Continue Reading

The definitive time equation to remember at work

Work and time management

This is primarily going to be anecdotal — i.e. based on people I’ve worked with, my friends have worked with, etc. If you want some science on people having problems balancing and understanding time (especially at work), you can read this or… Continue Reading

Have less meetings: The triage method

A triage approach to meetings

For my money, the twin scourges of the modern workplace are: Meetings E-Mails Those two things suck up so much time, and oftentimes they’re not even real work. They’re people talking about work — oftentimes without a lot of context… Continue Reading

How meetings can drive managerial decision-making

Meetings and managerial decision-making

Meetings take up a lot of time. But what if they helped guide managerial decision-making? Just came across the writings of this guy Art Petty and specifically this blog about ’17 Ways Your Strategy Will Fail.’ I’ve written about this a… Continue Reading


Leadership Strategy: Fire yourself

I’ve been doing some writing and editing for this OPEN for Business blog recently, and today my friend Steve Dunlap fired off a new post about “firing yourself.” The concept is pretty basic to understand, but to summarize, every year —… Continue Reading

The only thing that matters about a meeting is the action items, honestly

Let’s get philosophical for one second. You know the whole idea of a tree falling in the forest and no one is around, right? So does or does it not make a sound in that case? I feel like the… Continue Reading