The confusing world of “passion over profit”

Passion over profit

Shifted narratives. Continue Reading


Generational differences: Let’s talk about this less, OK?

Generational Differences

Breathless discussion of “what millennials want” or “how to market to Gen Z” usually gets us nowhere. Continue Reading


The “millennial mindset” is horseshit

Millennial Mindset

“Organic feedback is what they need, Bill!” Continue Reading


The basic life path is changing, and we should address that

I got this idea from here. Let’s look at the “standard first-world life path:” Pretty simple, yes? You start in a “safety net” — meaning your parents are economically responsible for you, then you learn (K-12, college), and then you leave… Continue Reading


Looks like millennials aren’t buying homes

Got that from here, which also has this chart: If you take those two charts together, here’s what you get:

Baby Boomers’ final act: Save entrepreneurship

Baby Boomers and Entrepreneurship

Alright, so … it’s possible that entrepreneurship is dying. We’ve been seeing stats about that for years, give or take. You can choose to believe that or not believe that. Let’s say, for a second, that you do. If so, what or whom can save… Continue Reading

People who live in cities often think they live in the burbs

People Think They Live In The Suburbs But They Live In Cities

Kinda interesting, and via here: Here’s the methodology here: this guy at Trulia (their “chief economist!”) asked 2,000+ adults if they thought they lived in an urban hood, a rural hood, or a suburban hood. He then organized the results.… Continue Reading


Standard hierarchy is the lowest form of respect

Hierarchy In Organizations

You ever get into discussions with people at work and they invariably say something like, “Well, if I ran stuff…” We’ve all done this. I have, probably more times than I can count. For a frame of reference there, I’m 34 and… Continue Reading