Minneapolis is the most cursed sports city

Whenever these lists come up, it’s always Cleveland (usually No. 1), Detroit, Buffalo, etc. You can make a case that D.C. is having a rough time of it now in terms of “closing the deal.” I’d actually make a different… Continue Reading


Long Distance Moving Company Review: I’d mostly recommend American National Van Lines

I’ve moved more than 900 miles twice in the past 24 months. The first one was New York City to Minneapolis (about 1,200 miles) in July of 2014. The second one was Minneapolis to Dallas (about 900 miles) a few weeks… Continue Reading

Some contextual thoughts on driving down the I-35 corridor

I grew up in New York City; until I did Teach for America down in Houston in 2003 (the year I graduated from college, also on the east coast), I had basically never left the I-95 corridor. I-95 is its own… Continue Reading


Here are 10 things you should know before moving to Minneapolis

Photo credit on this post goes to here, with their full Minneapolis page of photos located here. If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.   … Continue Reading