Opening Day + NCAA Championship used to be my playground

Opening Day + NCAA Championship Same Day

If you ever want to really draw a harsh line in the sand around “Adulthood,” think of a cherished period of time from your childhood — say, dew-encased summer evenings — and then consider what you’re doing on those same… Continue Reading

Ernie Banks dies = Cubs win the World Series?

Ernie Banks Dies, Cubs Win World Series

Ernie Banks passed away, and I can’t think of a person the baseball world could lose where it would be a bigger deal — with the possible exception of Willie Mays or maybe Yogi Berra. But follow the bouncing ball here… Continue Reading


What the Kansas City Royals can teach you about your life

KC Royals And Overcoming

Dating back to 1999, this is how many games the Kansas City Royals lost in each season (remember, more than 81 losses in a MLB season means you’re a sub-.500 team):

This NFL Draft is a big night for H-Town: Houston Rockets haven’t won a title since 1995, Houston Texans have never been to a Super Bowl, Astros haven’t been relevant since 2005. Is “a savior” coming?

Above is the end of Game 4 of the 1995 NBA Finals. The Rockets swept the Magic (with a young Shaq) and won their second consecutive NBA championship. That was the last championship the city won, which is about 18-19 years. That’s… Continue Reading

Just stop the MLB season now and give the World Series to the Milwaukee Brewers

Overly-drastic sports fans can annoy me, especially because every sport has its own context around championship runs; in college basketball, for example, you typically need to get hot sometime in early March (and for UConn and Kentucky this year, that didn’t even… Continue Reading

Could the Seattle Mariners (and Robinson Cano) be this year’s MLB sleeper team?

My dad got on a plane this morning to hit up Florida for spring training; by now every team has reported and you’ve got games beginning in earnest. They mean nothing on surface, but they’re important for an emotional/functional reason. I live… Continue Reading