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If River Phoenix had never died, would Leonardo DiCaprio’s career be the same?

Last night, on a Saturday evening at about 12:21am, I was reading the Wikipedia for River Phoenix (what else would one possibly be doing at that time?). I came across two things I… Continue reading

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Did y’all know Transformers 4 is about to become China’s highest-grossing movie ever? (And at a time when the U.S. box office is terrible.)

I haven’t seen any of the Transformers movies since maybe the first one — and I’m unclear honestly if I even saw that one — but regardless, the reviews for the fourth one have been kind of… Continue reading

Jason Priestley and Brad Pitt lived together (?!?!) in the late 1980s, apparently read Bibles and didn’t shower that often

It’s always funny to think of people who got big before they were big — like Leo in a Lassie movie, for example. Above is Brad Pitt from the TV show 21 Jump Street, which is one… Continue reading

Will Atom Egoyan’s “The Captive” be a career rebirth for both him and Ryan Reynolds?

Atom Egoyan, the Armenian-Canadian filmmaker, made some of the best under-the-radar films of the 1990s: Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter come to mind. He’s dropped off a bit in recent years with Chloe – good sex scenes, but not a… Continue reading

Is anyone these days doing the trailer better than David Fincher-associated projects?

A trailer is probably 2:30 in length, give or take, but a good one is an art form, and a great one is amazing (and may have a positive affect on your revenue stream). Amazon… Continue reading

Somehow, 20 years after “The Mask,” 2014 might be the year of Cameron Diaz

This could be the year of Shailene Woodley, or maybe in a looser way Miles Teller (or hell, maybe even Steve Carrell), but it’s doubtful anyone is going to be in as many mass-promoted… Continue reading

Adam McKay (Will Ferrell’s boy) and Brad Pitt are teaming up for a Michael Lewis financial crisis movie. Wait, what?

Remember Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short? It’s about the financial crash — here’s an excerpt — and received, as most Michael Lewis things do, positive reviews. (Insane thing No. 1 about Michael Lewis: how… Continue reading

So, is Steve Carrell going to win Best Actor next year for Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher?

Bennett Miller has directed Moneyball and Capote, both of which got acting Oscars and other nods (including Best Picture, where he’s 2-for-2 on non-documentary films; he’s also dating Ashley Olsen). He’s next up with Foxcatcher, which was… Continue reading