Damn, North Dakota: from 2010 to 2013, 940 new jobs per 10,000 people. Next highest in the U.S.? 337 new jobs per 10K people.

Say it with me now: the twin engines of present-day American job growth are knowledge and energy. We’ve talked about this before (with a little more context here), and now theres’s some new data via Atlantic Cities essentially underscoring the idea. Look at this chart:   The… Continue Reading

Matt Teeters and the tricky dance of politics and education in Wyoming

Matt Teeters is a state representative in Wyoming who helped lead the charge for the state to officially reject the new Next Generation Science Standards, becoming the first state to officially do so. (It should be noted that the Governor of… Continue Reading


Shell makes a thing that’s bigger than the Empire State Building, and Australia may benefit ultimately

Shell put its Prelude FLNG — the four letters stand for “floating liquefied natural gas” — out of dry dock and into waters off Geoje, South Korea today. It’s the largest vessel in the world now, although it’s really more of… Continue Reading