How to make conversation: A semi-informative guide

How to make conversation

It’s not really about slinging business cards around or dressing down your employees. It’s more like a game of catch. (And also: it blows up the idea of professionalism.) Continue Reading


Professional networking: The modern dichotomy

Professional Networking

“I’ve got 2,191 LinkedIn connections! I’m so networked!” But are you, sir? Are you? Continue Reading


How to master your job search: The mindset

Master your job search

A job search these days is a pretty fraught thing. How do you master it? If you’ve read this blog even a handful of times, you might know my basic deal: Moved to Texas in July 2014 for a gig… Continue Reading


An achievable 2016 networking goal

Dunbar's Number and 2016 Networking

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  I actually moved to Texas on July 14, 2014. Prior to that, my wife and I were living… Continue Reading


Weak relational ties can be more valuable for your career than strong ones

That seems counterintuitive, right? You want to be chasing strong ties and strong relationships, no? No. Here’s why, as explained somewhat by Stanford University research (and FSU research): Recognize that weak ties are more valuable for job performance and careers than stronger relationships. That’s… Continue Reading


Networking: More ‘give,’ much less ‘take’

Cool quote, from here: Matthew Bothner concludes the interview with powerful advice to MBA students, or indeed anyone looking to use networking, to advance their own status: give more than you take. “If I give something to you, you will… Continue Reading


This is why ‘a networked culture’ is important

Connected Networks At Work

Harsh truth about any type of business school/business education: you will have a lot of breathless conversations about SWOTs and case studies and all that. People especially love to analyze why a company failed — and a big one that comes up… Continue Reading


Three ways to make small talk more meaningful

Small Talk

Small talk is everywhere. Like, everywhere. And if often involves our first interaction with a person — either a brand-new person, or our first interaction with a friend/acquaintance when we reconnect with them. The thing is, it typically doesn’t mean anything. It’s all… Continue Reading