Inequality in New York City is equivalent to Swaziland

I’m from New York City. To be more specific, I’m from the Upper East Side. It’s a mostly affluent area. My zip code growing up was 10128, which always makes those “richest zip codes in the United States” lists; in… Continue Reading

There is absolutely no one who saw Rangers-Canadiens coming as the NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals

The goaltenders in the 2014 Olympic gold medal game were Carey Price (Canada) and Henrik Lundqvist (Sweden). Canada won, 3-0. Those same goaltenders are now facing each other in the 2014 NHL Eastern Conference Finals. No one saw this coming… Continue Reading

Gird your loins: Brooklyn is now officially “Manhattan Part II”

See that chart?¬†Egad. (Via here.) In early 2009, the difference between similar apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn was $1,800 per month. Now it’s around $210 per month. Just a quick reminder of how urban areas develop / certain spots become… Continue Reading

Bill De Blasio’s reign of amazingness begins now

In all likelihood, Bill De Blasio is about to become Mayor of New York City; the last time that the Mayor of America’s largest city wasn’t named Giuliani or Bloomberg was 1993.¬†This is a fairly large moment/situation, because Boston —… Continue Reading