What are the best games in NFL Divisional Playoff history?


Last night’s Cardinals-Packers Divisional game was a classic, perhaps made even moreso because the teams met a few weeks ago and the game was a total rout. (The same team did win both times, though.) That happens a lot in… Continue Reading

When the Seahawks show real emotion, people call them “fake.” Why?

Seahawks Real Emotions

Remember that Richard Sherman interview at the end of last year’s NFC Championship Game? Even though Sherman was in a physical state roughly equivalent to post-orgasm, the “real” nature of that interview — one athlete calling out another athlete, a… Continue Reading

Super Bowl ads work (EDIT: if you’re Budweiser)

Budweiser Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads are costing about $4.5 million for 30 seconds this year — highest-ever — which makes sense because each year seems to get another million in that audience column; last year’s game absolutely sucked and still, somehow and… Continue Reading


Old media curmudgeons need to shut their yaps about Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Media Day

Here’s a basic list of Super Bowl 49 related storylines, best I can tell: DeflateGate / adults making “ball” jokes in their nightly reports Tom Brady tries to tie Joe Montana The Seahawks try to establish themselves as a dynastic… Continue Reading

Aaron Rodgers is not actually good in big games

Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning

Football is a team sport, and playoff wins and losses are on everyone; certainly it’s never just the QB, even if the QB has a horrible performance. But the way we tend to think about sports invites a narrative that a… Continue Reading

Was Blaine Bennett the Purdue coach who rejected Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is 31, and the Seattle Seahawks are a young team that could become a dynasty — so the idea that he may tear through the NFC for years just like Tom Brady did with the AFC is maybe not… Continue Reading

49ers head coach Jim Tomsula once lived out of his car

Jim Tomsula Lived In Car

If you’re a football fan, think about Urban Meyer for a second. In January of 2000, he was the WR coach at Notre Dame. 15 years later, he has three national championships as a head coach. 15 years is a lot… Continue Reading

NFC/AFC Conference Championships: Let’s talk about the QB girlfriends, shall we?

NFL Playoff QB Girlfriends

There are six million and three websites devoted to analyzing sports in a far superior way than I could, and many of them cover the NFL quite religiously. It’s a big deal, especially this weekend — last year, 55.9 million… Continue Reading