Wow, Manhattan’s income inequality is staggering

Manhattan NYC Income Inequality

I’m from NYC. I’m actually from Manhattan. I live in Texas. (Specifically, Fort Worth.) A lot of people hear those facts and say to me, “Damn! Cowtown? But you’re from the Big Apple.” My response is usually: “I actually really like Fort… Continue Reading

4,364 people living in London have over $30 million in assets

Where do super-rich people live?

Where the globally uber-rich tend to live. Continue Reading

You need to make $87,536 to buy a home in NYC; San Francisco? $142,448

It costs a lot to buy in San Francisco or NYC

From here, there’s this: This data comes from a mortgage research website ( and is pretty much what you’d expect: the Northeast Corridor demands a relatively large salary (minus Philly, maybe); Florida is comparatively inexpensive (I thought Miami would be… Continue Reading

Here are the 10 most economically-powerful cities in the world; yes, NYC is No. 1

Methodology here, but this tries to be fairly comprehensive and looks at these elements: Overall economic clout Financial power Global competitiveness Equity and quality of life The study uses those five indicators. Within each indicator, they rank 10 global cities… Continue Reading

Someone is now paying $500K/month to rent in New York City

Pierre Hotel Exterior

One of the major reasons I recently lived in Minnesota, and now live in Texas — despite the fact that a lot of my friends live in New York City (and, in fact, I’m from there) — is because New… Continue Reading

Once, I passed out on a subway and rode it end-to-end a few times. Here’s that story.

I'm Getting Drunk On A ... Train?

The night was March 20, 2009. I know that because it was the same night Cleveland State upset Wake Forest in the NCAA Tournament — more on that later in the post. If you take the story I’m about to tell… Continue Reading

Inequality in New York City is equivalent to Swaziland

I’m from New York City. To be more specific, I’m from the Upper East Side. It’s a mostly affluent area. My zip code growing up was 10128, which always makes those “richest zip codes in the United States” lists; in… Continue Reading

The AstroDome could become the new High Line

Harris County judge Ed Emmett seemingly has a good deal of power in the Houston area. That’s relevant, because he “absolutely opposes” demolishing the AstroDome, which basically hasn’t been consistently used in years. People have been discussing the fate of the… Continue Reading