Here’s President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union word cloud

SOTU Word Cloud 2015

Here are the word clouds for the third State of the Union of every President since Roosevelt — i.e. the penultimate ones — and below (in large format, as well as to the side here in smaller format) is President… Continue Reading


ObamaCare won’t cost America 2 million jobs, but the end of the Baby Boomers probably will

Big-time hubbub on the 2014 political front: ObamaCare is going to cost America 2 million jobs! Every Democrat is vulnerable! And… In reality, this isn’t going to happen the way it’s being discussed, but the amount of people in the U.S. workforce is… Continue Reading

This President Obama State of the Union word cloud is all about America and unity

Here’s the word cloud from last night’s State of the Union address. Some of the top words: “America” and “American” and “Americans.” See a theme here? Other key ones: “people” and “jobs” and “help” and “work.” Again, see a theme? Here’s… Continue Reading


Newtown was a year ago and, on the gun front, nothing’s really happened. Is it mostly just politics?

There’s absolutely no way to process Newtown. Anyone who claims there is, or tries to assign some kind of idea or causation to it, is wrong. There is no clear motive. Here’s a list of things that were blamed aside from… Continue Reading

Mostly from a U.S. standpoint, what’s the biggest ‘where were you when…’ moment in history?

The 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination is tomorrow; I’m sure most of you potentially reading this knew that by now. I was watching Tom Brokaw on The Daily Show last night, and he made some good points regarding that moment in American… Continue Reading

A brief history of the Presidential apology

This is all over the news today as a topic/concept because of President Obama’s apology yesterday as relates to the ‘keep your plan’ idea; NPR even has a rundown of the recent history of Presidential apologies, going back (on their link,… Continue Reading